Southern Africa – eSwatini

Eswatini Statistics

 Population  1,148 million (2019)
National language  Swati
Official language English
National Currency Swazi lilangeni, South African rand
Life Expectancy 60.3 years (2021)
GDP 4.1 Billion

Eswatini Gross Domestic Product

2015 4.0   54.1
2016 3.8   55.8
2017 4.4   57.5
2018 4.6   59.3
2019 4.4 59.6
2020 3.9   60.0
2021 4.1   60.3

Eswatini Industry

GDP Contribution Reasons Top Sectors
Agriculture 7% Corn production and livestock farming are practiced in small-scale, but sugarcane, citrus fruit, tobacco, pineapple, cotton, and forestry are large scale. The major agricultural exports are citrus, cotton, and sugar. Much of the agricultural exports end up in South Africa, the European Union, the United States, and Mozambique. About 75% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture for income, but deteriorating weather patterns are worsening the already bad situation.
Mining 2% The mining industry accounts for 2% of the GDP and 2% of exports. In the early 1990s, the mining industry was a significant player in the country, but, the huge cost of production forced companies out of business.