Valletta APAC

Valletta Group provides both international and Asia-Pacific region (APAC) clients with actionable Advisory Services and corporate advice in the fields of Business Process Outsourcing / Master Vendor Services / Talent Management & Human Resources, Medical Industry, Resources Sector, Mining Sector, Agricultural Industry, Financial Services and various other economic sectors in a number of APAC countries.


Mapping APAC Opportunities

The potential in the Asia-Pacific region as a potential growth market for business remains relevant – as does the potential for forward-looking businesses to play a transformative role in exploring this important region’s economic potential. Valletta International is championing business as a force for positive expansion and adopting innovative business models that exemplify this. No matter the complexity or location within the APAC region, Valletta International can assist in maximising your business potential.

APAC’s more than 50 countries and Territories are very diverse in terms of culture, population dynamics, economic development levels, economic growth rates, and economic stability – let us help you make sense of this diverse region.

This map is an overview of the geographies that Valletta International operates in.


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