MSP – Key Letters
of the Alphabet

For many organizations, the acronym MSP means higher productivity and greater focus on results. As a valued Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner we offer much more than letters from the alphabet, we offer the opportunity to get your workforce more productive and allows you to focus on what matters, results. MSP may be the most important acronym you will ever hear.

What is the size of your Contingent Workforce?


Unlock the potential of your MSP
Contingent Workforce

Valletta Group did not invent MSP, we perfected it! Your success lies in our partnership model which sees us unlocking three letters of the alphabet into a powerful business strategy for organizations.

Your Contingent Workforce becomes a powerful corporate asset in the hands of the Valletta Group. Our MSP solutions make focusing on your core strategy easier and much simpler. When you talk people, you speak our language. Make MSP work for your organization through a partner who understand the power of people.

Clients benefit from our ability to supply talent. People with the right skills and fit for the role. Trust the partner who understands the true power of the three letters MSP.


Build your Modular MSP Success Today

Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions work for organizations big and small. We are able to build a modular MSP solution you, even if you are not a large corporation. Talk to us about your specific requirements and let us build a solution that firs your organization and its unique needs. When you think MSP, think Valletta Group.



Maximize the Human Potential in your organization through effective people strategies.


Contracting Services

A key component of an optimally managed workforce is the use of independent contractors as part of our Managed Service Provider offering.


Impact Talent

You can hire people, or you can attract talent. Our 40+ years of experience in finding talent puts us in an ideal position to make your workforce the asset it should be.



Maximize the Human Potential in your organization through effective people strategies.


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FAQs about Managed Service Provider

Is MSP more expensive and risky than managing our own contingent workforce?

In these tough economic times, why should we partner with Valletta Group as a service provider?

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