Contracting Services

The World of Work has evolved. Your organization has evolved. Your customers have evolved. It is time to embrace the new world of talent management. Valletta Group is your best partner to provide professional and safe Independent Contracting Services.

Maximising Independent Contracting Services

Dynamic and effective delivery of your organizational strategy goals is a key part of your focus. Having to manage the daily minute details of non-core tasks can be distracting to your core focus. You don’t have time to worry about timesheets and whether the hours billed is correct. These daily distractions from core focus is a daily worry for many line managers.

Workforce management has evolved – the evolution means that there are specialists available to perform the tasks you really should not be focusing on. Valletta Group has forty years of experience in doing exactly that – ensuring that work gets done and you are freed up to focus on your core strategy.

We are good at providing vital people resources to our client partners. Our business is built around people and not around technology, even if our technology is
cutting-edge. Bring back your core focus while placing the burden of timely service delivery on us as your trusted partners.

Our home is Africa and our ability to provide best-in-class services to leading organizations wishing to enter or expand in the African market, makes us the partner of choice.