Payroll Services

To ensure that your organization stays ahead of its people management strategy, it is vital that you use a payroll partner able to get it right and scale with you as your requirements evolve.


Payroll that’s more than a pay check

When clients trust Valletta Group with partnering for the future of their talent management, they also trust us with one of the most vital elements of any workforce management – the Payroll. Ensuring that this vital element of the people operations function adds value is our skill.

We do not see it as a payroll function, we see it as providing vital resources to our teams. Our payroll function is built around people and not around technology, even if our payroll technology is cutting-edge. Even at scale, our payroll solutions keep people at its core focus while reducing the administrative load on our partners.

Whether it is for a Contingent Workforce, Employer of Record (EOR) service or any other application where you need to ensure that payroll runs smoothly, we make your people part of our people. Our managed payroll solutions are different. You can focus on your core business and retain your best talent, while reducing the administrative overhead that forms a significant part of the payroll process. If you want a better payroll experience, Valletta Group has the answer.

Our home in Africa and our deep roots in the African People Management field gives us the ability to provide Key Insights and Actionable Market Intelligence to leading organizations wishing to enter the African market or expand their reach in Africa.


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FAQs about Payroll Outsourcing

Our workforce consists of permanent and contingent workers, spread amongst many divisions and different geographies. Can Managed Payroll cater for such a case?

Our Payroll has many non-standard elements such as Loyalty Programmes. Does your managed payroll service cater for such non-standard items?

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