Process Outsourcing

RPO provides you, the hiring manager, effective solutions designed to remove the challenges experienced during the hiring process. We leverage leading talent supply strategies and combine that with our insights derived from decades of experience to craft hiring solutions that address your real business needs experienced in the field.


The RPO Differential

Cookie-cutter RPO is ineffective. Your requirements are different. Your organization operates in a challenging space where you have to act different. Instead of using the standard approach to RPO we actually build a solution that takes into account your individual needs.

To achieve that, we have to think differently. In today’s era of contingent workforce pressures, building a core team of permanent talent is no easy task. We know that. RPO has many facets, each with its unique challenges and unique risks. Trust the team that understand RPO and understand different and most of all understands the pressure recruitment teams face in building a permanent workforce that can deliver on the organizational mandate. Prepare for your next with the team that lives your next!


Why Valletta

The number of years of excellence in Group companies

The number of permanent job categories that we cover in our RPO services

The number of RPO roles we facilitate each year

FAQs about Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We have a diverse team, permanent and contingent, spread amongst a number of divisions can RPO provide a flexible solution for this?

As an HR Executive I need to find an RPO solution that fits into our talent strategy and budgets without the risks associated with bringing in outside service providers.

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