In our modern world we have many things curated for us. Our music, our movies our clothes and many other services. At Valletta Group we are experts at Services Procurement and we can curate your services spend optimally.


Let us maximize your people spend

Let’s face it. Your Services Procurement spend is a large chunk of your budget. You cannot afford for the spend to be anything less than optimal. And then there is the time required by your team to find suitable service providers, vet them and ensure that the services are delivered on time and on budget. There are times when your team spend days on trying to procure a service that is non-core. Sounds familiar?

Let our highly experienced team take the hassle out of procuring services which, let’s face it, your team should not be worrying about. Let us take the hassle out of Services Procurement.

You are already familiar with how effective and time-saving it can be to let professionals curate things for you or your organization. You will appreciate the wisdom of letting a team of professionals curate your services procurement. Leave the hassle to us. Let our team do the hard-yards, leaving you and your team free to focus on getting your strategy executed.


Why Valletta

Level 1

The level of our diversity index, which
includes substantial procurement from
Diversity businesses


The percentage of our spend qualifying as Diversity business spend

The number of years we have been successfully procuring from Diversity businesses

FAQs about Services Procurement

How can Valletta’s Services Procurement reduce the administrative burden on our internal team?

Can Valletta procure services in different geographies?

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