Valletta Advisory
Sector Focus

Valletta has accumulated a notable body of work that has helped shift the debate, globally and regionally, toward economic transformation as the way to achieve sustained growth and shared prosperity in Africa.

Valletta’s path to growth: Sector by sector


Whether you need to better understand the agricultural landscape in Kenya or the use of technology in farming in Angola, we can launch your agricultural projects in Africa to new heights.

Financial Services & Banking

Ever wondered how to launch an academy focused on the banking sector in Africa? Need to understand the financial services landscape in your target country in Africa? Now is the time to engage us to provide you with the advisory needed to successfully bring your projects to fruition.

General Advisory Research

Our team of researchers are able to undertake targeted research assignments to assist you in launching or expanding your Africa-based economic activities.

Human Resources & Employment

We have 41 years’ worth of experience to guide you on how to staff your projects in Africa. Providing the right skills at the right time and for the right duration are always at the heart of any project. Let us take the hassle out of the people aspect for you.


If your team is not sure how to launch a new medical device in a target country, how to increase the sales of your medical equipment in another country or what the current landscape is in-country for medical technology, let us guide you through these important questions.

Non-Governmental Sector

Being an NGO in Africa is just as hard as everywhere else in the world. Let us guide you on how to staff your projects, launch them or even how to ensure that you are able to provide the productivity demanded by your funders. You can no longer leave such important work to chance.


It is hard enough to deal with concepts such as 4IR and AI in your home country, it is even harder to deal with them when the delivery point is thousands of miles away. Take the guesswork out of the project delivery and let our team assist you with navigating the technology landscape in Africa.